How safe are the 24SAFE vaults?
In what circumstances is the vault opened?
What is a vault?
Can someone access the content of my box without using my personal card, PIN and key?
Who can find out whether I have a box at 24SAFE and how?
Do I have a greater degree of security in a bank?
Can I access my box during a power outage?
What can I and can't I store in the safe deposit box?
I have physical limitations. It is building wheelchair accessible?
Is access somehow limited by the number of accesses per day?
Do I need to identify myself at the entrance to the building somehow?
How long does issue of stored items take?
It is possible to park near the 24SAFE building?
Can I set up a safe deposit box even if I am not yet 18 years old?
Are the store items insured in some way?
What are the opening hours?
It is possible to get an overview of which of the authorized holders accessed the safe deposit box and when?
Can someone else beside myself personally pick up stored items?
Who has access to my safe deposit box?
What if I lose the card and the keys?
Has the safe constant temperature?
How much is the rent of safe deposit boxes?
How do I set up a safe deposit box?
Order deposit box