Advantages of the 24SAFE service


24SAFE safe deposit boxes are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So your valuables are available at any time, regardless of the day or night, holidays or weekends.


The services of 24SAFE are extremely discreet. After registration and signing of the lease agreement, no additional visit to the client center is required. The rooms with the issuing terminals have no cameras, entry is permitted to only a single authorized person. The automatic, self-service system does not require any  24SAFE assistance personnel.

Insurance of safe deposit boxes

Your absolute sense of security is a priority for us, and that is why we cooperate with the Allianz insurance company, which has a more than 125-year long tradition. This partnership provides you with the unique security of the Allrisk policy with an insured value of CZK 500 million and guaranteed coverage of each safe deposit box in the amount of CZK 300,000. It is, of course, possible to negotiate an individual policy directly at our branch.

Speed of issue

Operation of the automated dispensing safe deposit boxes at 24SAFE is very quick and easy. There are six outlets with terminals, and standard clearance takes less than 5 minutes. The length of stay in the issuing room is limited to 5 minutes, with the possibility of extension.

Automated System

24SAFE is the first service in Central Europe, using the world's most advanced system of safe deposit boxes, SafeStore Auto, by GUNNEBO. This system is fully automated and the information about which box belongs to which client is store only in this system. All handling is carried out in fully enclosed strong rooms, and thus outside access or intervention is not possible. This ensures that the contents of a safe deposit box are protected already on the way to the central vault and the whole process is resistant to human error.

Anonymity with regard to the CNB, police and authorities

24SAFE prides itself on maximum trust and discretion therefore it offers all its clients the protection that banks cannot provide. Unlike 24SAFE they have the duty to report to the CNB register which the police, executors and state administration can scrutinise.

Security grade 10

When it comes to ​​security, we do not compromise. 24SAFE room safes are manufactured and installed by the Swedish company Gunnebo with a tradition dating back to 1764. They meet the safe requirements of Class 10 level security vaults of central banks. In addition, physical security is complemented with continuous monitoring and a warning system, and employees of the security agency are always present. The automated system ensures that the vault door remains always closed, and in comparison with the competition, the security of the contents of the safe deposit boxes is even higher.

Fingerprint scanner

Securing access to the safe deposit box can be extended to a fingerprint check. You can thus be absolutely sure that no access to the safe deposit box will occur without your physical presence.

At the time of your first access, the fingerprint is converted into vector lines and then into a numerical code. At the time of each subsequent access, the system only checks the consistency of the numeric codes. From the code it is not possible to reconstruct the fingerprint or assign it to a specific person.

Expanding access to other people (joint holding)

Only you decide who will have access to stored objects. Through your authorization, any number of registered persons may have access to the safe deposit box.

SMS information on accessing of the safe deposit box

Monitor usage of the safe deposit box. With the option of an SMS message informing you of access of the safe deposit box, you can be certain that access will be impossible without your knowledge. In the event of any access to the safe deposit box, you will be immediately informed via SMS to the chosen phone number. This service is an optional add-on to the rent of a 24SAFE safe deposit box.

Protection from the elements

24SAFE safe deposit boxes provide maximum protection of their contents against the effects of natural elements. The central vault is waterproof and fireproof, is maintained at room temperature with stable humidity, and is equipped with a fire alarm system. Conditions in the vault are continually monitored electronically, including a video monitoring record. Resistance to water, fire, landslide, earthquake or explosion is also insured, both in terms of the contents of the individual boxes and the 24SAFE building.

Wheelchair access

24SAFE premises are wheelchair accessible, easily accessible for people with limited mobility. Our trained staff is ready to help whenever you need it.

Accessible location in the center of Prague

24SAFE building located in the center of Prague 1, Na Poříčí 1071/17. The location offers excellent access not only by car but also by public transport (metro, tram and bus) and suburban transport (train).


Three permanent parking places, located directly in the front of the building are available to our clients. Sophisticated camera technology provides safety and confidence, all the way from the car to the discrete room.